Souveräner Ritter- und Hospitalorden vom heiligen Johannes zu Jerusalem von Rhodos und von Malta

Juli 2022

30Julganztägig06AugInternationales Malteser Sommer Lager - Maltacamp 2022 (IMS)

Internationales Malteser Sommerlager Maltacamp IMS 2021 BB



Unfortunately, the IMS 2021 had to be postponed until next year in 2022. We hope that it can take place under „normal“ circumstances next year.

The International Maltacamp (IMS) is something unique: young volunteers spend a week of holidays with physically and mentally impaired friends from around 20 countries in the world. The volunteers support, help and care for the young handicapped. Together, they experience extraordinary activities like rock climbing, luging, partying and paragliding.

The IMS will take place close to Rome, near the Airport of Ciampino. The campsite is a property of the Carmelite friars, with enormous indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy incredible activities all over the week with an Olympic swimming pool always available for us.

500 participants from all over the world, 1 / 3 of whom are disabled, 2/3 of whom are carers, helpers and supporters.

30. Juli bis 6. August 2022


Juli 30 (Samstag) - August 6 (Samstag)


Istituto Madonna del Carmine "Il Carmelo"

Via Doganale, 1, 00043 Ciampino RM, Italien

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